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A social arena for conscious and natural lifestyle. This is the place for the development of physical, mental and technical qualities, a meeting place to socialize, work, create, be creative and have fun.

The world is changing fast. Every day we deposit massive amounts of data. Your every move is being monitored and stored by global companies owning and controlling important global infrastructure. Every time you swipe your credit card, search for information, go for a run, rent a movie or interact with your phone, you give up valuable and private information. A few big co-operations harvest this data and use it to learn things about you that even you didn’t know about you. They use this insight to lock you into their products and services and profit from selling you privacy to small companies around the world. You are left out of the loop with regards to what happens to your information and rewarded with access to “free” services like Google Maps, Facebook, outlook and more. Now think about this. What if you could contro all your data? What would you do with it? Times are changing fast. We just call it Bolder because it will give you back your freedom. The freedom to do what you choose.

It’s all your data – let’s take it back.

Bolder will help you record your interactions, collect your information and help make sense of it. Imagine shooting an arrow through every source of information you know. Open data about you, Private data like your bank transactions, Social media, data you collect with your phone, smartwatch, and house. With your phone alone you provide enormous amounts of data. Bolder provide you with the tools to mash it together and let your private cloud do all the heavy lifting connecting the dots. We believe all the data that you create should belong to you. You create it you own it.

X-times the power of you

Over time you will learn how you interact with your world. Every person is an ecosystem in oneself. Bolder will provide access to tools that will allow you to discover and build a sustainable ecosystem on your terms. The power of machine learning and analytics previously only available to global corporations and specialists will now be in your own hands to guide and visualize your life. Empower yourself by insight and consciously setting goals for any journey in life.

Its your life. You manage it

No matter what your pursuits are you should be the one to determine what is right for you. Put yourself in control of your data. In the new world, you manage and control who sees what. You can contribute in any way you like, share, give, lend or sell everything or nothing or something in between. It’s up to you.

The power of creation

We are creators and makers at heart. Creating experiences gives meaning. By creating your own and include others, life literally gets another dimension. Create games, activities, tutorials, runs, bike trips or knitting classes. There is no limit, at least not on our end.

Gir innbyggere eierskap over egen data

Stavanger-selskapet Bolder ønsker å være førstemann ut med fremtidsrettet velferdsteknologi. Nå har de utviklet en løsning som skal verne om personlig data.


Snart kommer et unikt smart-konsept til Forus

I forrige uke holdt Bolder pre-launch for det som skal bli et smart opplevelsessenter på 6000 kvadratmeter. – Vi vil utfordre komfortsoner, sier daglig leder Eirik Skjaerseth.

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