St Svithun Hotell AS

Morten Vestvik

St Svithun Hotel AS

We make everyday life brighter for our guests.

St Svithun hotel has 137 bright and modern rooms plus 3 conference rooms which we welcome you to. St. Svithun is also the patient hotel of Stavanger University Hospital (SUS). In addition, we run the LYST store right inside the main entrance, which is open 24 hours a day and has a large selection of items to meet most needs. Whether you have just had your first-born baby, have appointments inside the hospital, shops in the Stavanger area or are simply on holiday with the family, we have good alternatives for you and yours. We have existed since 2006, employ over 60 employees and are the largest hotel in the Kronengruppen group. Light is a concept we are concerned with in our hotel. We believe it represents values ​​we want to identify with. We simply want to make everyday life brighter for our guests.