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Terje Tobiassen

ContinYou AS

Smarter welfare technology for a simpler everyday life.

An aging population is going to be one of the big challenges in the coming decades. To help dealing with some of the challenges facing the western world, ContinYou developed Contact. A brand-new health watch with built in GSM and GPS. It`s an ultra-mobile automatic fall alarm and health monitor, utilizing big data to predict events. Enabling people to be mobile, independent and active longer and give them the opportunity to stay longer in their own homes despite illness or disabilities.

ContinYou is a fast-growing start up from Sandnes, Norway. For more information please visit


Klokken som passer på mer enn tiden

Med over 1000 solgte klokker er Contact-klokken blitt et brennhett produkt, hovedsakelig innen eldreomsorgen. Selskapet som ble etablert i 2015 har nå 12 ansatte og er for tiden på jakt etter flere kloke hoder.

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