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Helseapps AS

Helseboka Pro is a medical record system for health professionals that offers completely unique opportunities.

You can record all health care on your mobile, tablet or computer. This means that the journal system is available at all times.

This can be of particular value to healthcare professionals who need to be extra mobile. One can easily share photos, forms and other health information with both GPs, hospitals and other private health actors.

We connect healthcare professionals, patients and relatives in one and the same system. Our unique opportunities to share information with the patient's own participation means that Helseboka Pro thinks completely new about how tomorrow's healthcare system will meet its challenges.

The health book PRO offers a clinic or office a complete product for patient dialogue. Through our platform, you get an effective tool for communication with your patients. Our system is integrated with most medical records systems and can also be used by all healthcare professionals, regardless of whether you work in the public or private sector.

Through our solution, the patient can contact healthcare professionals for appointments, eConsultation or video consultation and healthcare professionals can easily send secure messages to their patients, regardless of whether they have used the Health Book before or not. In the Health Book, we also have an integrated payment system that allows you to charge in advance for your consultations. In this way, you can always be sure that you always get paid for your actual work.

In the Health Book, we have also built a solution for Covid-19 test centers where many municipalities now use our solution. In short, the solution allows the municipalities:

  • Offer online booking of test hours
  • Ask patients to answer questions about health safely
  • Submit information to journal system
  • Sort and triage patients
  • Create automatic follow-up routines

We now cover about 1,000,000 inhabitants in Norway, and the feedback has been very good.

  • 90% Reduction in telephone inquiries
  • Halving in time on record keeping