Tryg Forsikring

Kjersti Eide Drivenes

Tryg insurance

Tryg is the Nordic region's second largest non-life insurance company with activities in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

We have provided financial and personal security for our customers for almost 300 years. With a wide range of insurance for both private individuals, companies and industry, Tryg treats more than 1 million claims in the Nordic region annually. Tryg works for a safer and simpler everyday life for our customers. Those who dare to think new and take new paths have the greatest chance of surviving in a competitive market. That is why Tryg is aggressively focusing on innovation.

At Tryg, we consider innovation work as a strategic tool for growth, and for strengthening our position as the Nordic region's leading security provider. Our vision and our values ​​are the foundation for the innovation work. Results achieved through innovative measures renew and develop Tryg. We will be experienced as a company with our eyes set on the future. Our customers will experience that their basic need for security is covered - also in the society of the future.

We believe that good business ideas arise and develop in the interaction between users, experts, innovators and partners.

Our process is market-oriented, and seeks to create new customer experiences and business areas Tryg considers close collaboration with customers, strong partners, suppliers and experts to be central to our innovation work. We often invite these as participants in focus groups, interviews and the like. If you or your company would like to participate, you are welcome to contact our contact in the innovation department at