Halodi Robotics AS


Egil Utheim

Halodi Robotics AS

We deliver a robotic assistance system that performs practical tasks in the home in a safe and secure way. This gives independence and mastery to stay longer at home.

Halodi Robotics is a Norwegian company headquartered in Moss which is a world-leading company in the development and sale of humanoid robots. We develop SARAH Respons, which is a robotic assistance system that provides independence and mastery to live longer at home for the elderly and others with disabilities. The robot can perform practical tasks and is remotely controlled by healthcare professionals from a response center and the system can respond to all types of alarms.

The SARAH Respons robotic assistance system has three components; the operator's control station at the response center, communication infrastructure and a humanoid robot at the user's home. The robot is remotely controlled from the control station, and with the help of built - in autonomy, it will be able to efficiently perform tasks at the user. The operator at the response center responds to inquiries and alarms and implements the necessary measures immediately at the user's home via the robot. The solution will be able to reduce the need for health personnel to travel on assignments that the robot can perform and therefore frees health personnel for tasks that require this.

SARAH is the first remote-controlled humanoid robot that can perform a wide range of auxiliary tasks such as preparation and serving of food, facilitate care and administer and provide medication, etc. The system can be easily expanded in line with the increasing number of users who want to stay longer at home. In the future, this solution can also be used by relatives who can log on from home and others who want remote control of health services, such as medical distance follow-up, GPs and home hospitals.

SARAH Respons will be launched in 2021, but already today we are starting pilot projects to test the service where we use our research robot EVE. We have a public innovation project, HIRo supported by the Research Council together with Sunnaas Hospital HF, Skien Municipality and IFE where we will map and test user needs for the robot assistance system, before piloting and launching in the autumn of 2021.