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Jarle Holt

Overskudd AS

Better health with sensors.

Profits delegate data collection from healthcare professionals to the patient. Collecting data at home provides the opportunity for increased quality, reduced costs and saved time.

This is how it works:

The patient uses a small sensor on the body that collects data 24 hours a day. The sensors capture breathing rate, heart rate, change in pain, infection, temperature and physical activity.

The data will be available to healthcare professionals through the healthcare network. Through continuous monitoring, changes are detected early. The patient can be compared with their own normal values ​​in addition to medical standards.

Excess is especially suitable for unstable conditions, such as in pandemics (covid-19), for sleep disorders, mental stress and for complex and long-term illnesses.

Profits continuously measure the balance between stress and recovery and lay the foundation for good health for the healthy as well.