Preact AS

Gøran Hauptmann
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Preact AS

Preact is an online digital healthservice that keeps people healthier, and that quickly provides medical assistance when needed.

Stay healthy with Preact

Preact combines health expertise with smart sensors to proactively help you stay healthy. The service follows you up preventively - sleep quality, activity and weight change are monitored continuously to ensure good health and quality of life. The platform notifies you when you are in a negative health trend and can notify relatives if something is wrong.

We offer various health subscriptions with different degrees of personal follow-up - depending on your needs. We cheer for you when you make progress, and motivate if you are in a period where you feel tired and have little energy.

Through your subscription, you also get access to a large network of doctors, medical specialists and other health professionals from your mobile phone - no matter where you are.


Vil avhjelpe eldrebølgen med proaktiv, digital helsetjeneste

Da Preact la fram sin digitale helsetjeneste for kommunene fikk de en utfordring: å jobbe med de som er litt for friske til å få hjelp.

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