Dreieskiva Roald Kvam


Roald Kvam

Dreieskiva Roald Kvam

DREIESKIVA Roald Kvam provides mentorship and coaching on a wide range of topics constantly targeting how to develop teams, build organization, strengthen your relational capacity, self-management and execution skills, in growth and crises.

Decades of experience in personal and organizational development, motivational speaker, advisory, leadership and strategic thinking – from schools, ministries, organizations and entrepreneurship – through growth phases as well as crises.
Holds a Master of Divinity (NLA University College, Norway).
Certified DISC-coach (Persolog, Norway).
Experienced Business Mentor, and Coach in CABHI Coach Community (Canada); a community of interdisciplinary subject matter experts who can provide mentorship and coaching on a wide range of topics.
Sharing knowledge, perspectives and lived experience – guiding people in their journey as they battle barriers and execute solutions.