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Grete Jevnaker Thomassen

Qualisoft AS

How can companies become forward-looking when they only focus on documenting the past? It's difficult. Qualisoft therefore offers the management system of the future - vibrant, innovative and proactive.

Stop steering after the rearview mirror. Look into the future.

From reactive to proactive with Qualisoft

Qualisoft has one of the Nordic region's most complete range of services within process-oriented business management. We are passionate about creating vibrant and future-oriented management systems that meet the needs of modern companies for a proactive, innovative and strategic management tool.

Close the gap between strategy and execution
In short, Qualisoft provides three services:

  • The market-leading software QualiWare
  • Sparring with specialized consultants
  • Courses and certifications

These ensure that our customers have the insight and overview they need to make good decisions and "do the right things", rather than "do things right". This is how we help our customers close the gap between strategy and execution, create a competitive advantage and realize gains.

We have been doing this since 1994.