Rosberg AS

Alf Kenneth Bråthen

Rosberg AS

At Rosberg our guiding principle is We care.

We care about

  • You and your customers’ sensitive data, which we work to secure
  • Your working day, which we strive to simplify and make more effective
  • The law and that it shall be straightforward for you to communicate in compliance with laws governing personal information and confidentiality

This is why we have developed Verji, a solution that provides encrypted communications. The name is derived from an Old Norse word meaning protection.

Rosberg is headquartered at Karmøy, Rogaland, where Viking history has a deep-seated presence. It was here that Harald Fairhair held court, and right outside the offices is Karmsund Sound which was formerly known as Nordvegen – the way north – and origins of the name Norway. It was therefor entirely natural for us to choose the Old Norse word Verji for our encryption technology solution. Thankfully we don’t have plans for going into battle in the same way as the Vikings did, but we will go into battle against hackers and fraudsters in order to protect you and your customers’ data.