Seniorene AS

Gudrun Jebsen
41 41 42 99

Seniorene AS

We fix the small jobs!

Seniorene AS is an ideal company, which was started in 2016. The idea behind the company is to connect young pensioners with those who want help to get small jobs done.

We want to facilitate the transition from full-time job to pensioner, by being able to offer meaningful work to happy young pensioners. It is important for everyone to contribute to society, including those who are retired.

There are many tasks that are too small for craft companies, but still important to get done. The goal is to make it safe and easy to get small jobs done.

Everyone can become our customers, both housing associations, companies and private individuals.

We take all small jobs that do not require special professional competence.


En tjeneste med mange fordeler får du fra Seniorene

En pensjonist kan brukes til så mangt: hagearbeid, vedlikehold, maling, hjelp med datamaskinen eller annet i hjemmet. For å si det enkelt, Seniorene er alt annet enn gretne gubber og gamle kjerringer.

Gudrun og Jan Erik sommer21 crop