Healthy EATS AS

Vilde Regine Tellnes

Healthy EATS AS

Healthy EATS is a food-tech company from Bergen and a destination for healthy and sustainable fast food.

The company recently received NOK 1.1 million from the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway to improve public health and cut emissions in the food industry. By adopting new technology, Healthy EATS will make access to healthy and sustainable fast food easier, faster and better. It will do this by placing Healthy EATS food walls at shopping centers, gyms, hospitals and airports throughout Norway. The goal is to establish 100 locations in Norway by 2025.


Vil skape McDonald’s for sunn mat

Målet til det ferske fastfoodselskapet Healthy EATS er å bidra til å halvere fedme i Norge innen 2030. De fikk nylig innvilget 1,1 million kroner fra Norges forskningsråd og Innovasjon Norge for å bedre folkehelsen og kutte utslipp fra matbransjen.

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