Haugaland Vekst


Inger Kallevik Håvik

Haugaland Vekst

We conduct local business work and regional development work.

Local business work

This is direct work for the municipalities that have an agreement for the delivery of local business work. For these, Haugaland Vekst is the municipality's business department / manager. In order to make it easy for the municipalities to relate to Haugaland Vekst, primary contacts have been established for each municipality. What Haugaland Vekst shall prioritize to work with in the individual municipality is decided in consultation with the municipalities. Typical tasks are start-up guidance, sale of commercial plots, help companies find the right body in the municipality, management of municipal business funds, assist the municipality in relevant planning work, arrange meeting places, set up start-up courses, local development projects, and more.

Regional development work

This is development work that is important for further development and growth in the region. Examples are cases and processes concerning infrastructure such as airport development, E134 and E39 and Rogfast, public institutions that are important to the region, such as a new prison and HSH. Furthermore, the regional reputation work and recruitment of labor, joint progress for marketing of larger business areas as well as ensuring political understanding of gas to Kårstø in the future, are important areas in which Haugaland Vekst has been involved. HSA, Haugaland school and working life, and the welfare technology project at Haugalandet also have project management under the auspices of Haugaland Vekst.