Nor Engros Kjosavik AS

Einar Bjelland

Nor Engros Kjosavik AS

Norengros is a nationwide wholesale chain within packaging, office and computer supplies, office furniture and medical consumables.

In January 2006, Emballasje Vest AS in Stavanger and Karl Kjosavik in Sandnes merged. From 2006 to 2010, the company name was Kjosavik Emballasje Vest AS.

In June 2010, the business was merged into new premises at Forus, and at the same time changed company name to Kjosavik as. The commercial name is Norengros Kjosavik as.

Kjosavik AS is a 100% locally owned company. The group has a solid economy and consists of 140 skilled employees.

Since the merger, the company has had significant growth and good development.

Last year's turnover:

Turnover 2004 122 mill

Turnover 2007 238 mill

Turnover 2010 312 mill

Turnover 2014 420 mill

Kjosavik as is a part owner of Norengros AS. Norengros is today Norway's largest consumer goods wholesaler and consists of 13 local wholesalers in Norway. The chain has a total of about 800 employees.

Norengros as a chain focuses on local affiliation and ownership, at the same time as we can benefit from being large and nationwide when we are in negotiations with our subcontractors. This ensures our customers a wide range of goods at very good prices.

Norengros is flexible and can arrange for ordering and delivery routines that are most appropriate for the individual customer. Norengros' ability to contribute to the simplification of purchasing routines and transactions related to the supply of goods.

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