Stavanger kommune

Kristine Skjøthaug

Stavanger municipality

Stavanger has 144,223 inhabitants (1st quarter 2021). Stavanger municipality is located in Rogaland county.

Stavanger is the country's fourth most populous municipality, and the town of Stavanger / Sandnes, which includes the contiguous urban settlements in the four municipalities of Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola and Randaberg, constitutes the country's third largest town.


Stavanger municipality is located in Rogaland county. On 1 January 2020, Finnøy municipality and Rennesøy municipality were merged with Stavanger.

The municipality has an area of ​​about 241 km2, just over 46,000 acres of cultivated land and about 141,000 inhabitants spread over 37 islands. The new municipality is Norway's energy capital with the country's most important business cluster, and one of the country's most important municipalities in agriculture, aquaculture and tourism.


It is not known for sure when Stavanger originated as a beach resort. The place probably had certain center functions in the 11th century, but there was hardly any real city before the construction of the cathedral. This is traditionally considered to be 1125, when the church was started by the English bishop Reinald of Winchester *.

Mye ny velferdsteknologi i Stavanger kommune

Stavanger kommune skal i gang med multidosedispensere, digitalt nattilsyn, digitale trygghetsalarmer og mobile trygghetsalarmer.

Bjarte Bøe Og Henrik Hovland

Smarter City Challenge

Stavanger er en av vinnerne av IBM Smarter Cities Challenge 2013.

NSCC skal utvikle velferdsteknologi for kronikere

Stavanger Kommune, Helse Stavanger HF og bedrifter i klusteret NSCC skal sammen utvikle nye helse og velferdsteknologiske løsninger til de som er utsatt for kronisk sykdom.


CosDoc på nettbrett

CosDoc+ på nettbrett er et pilotprosjekt i Stavanger kommune.