Helse Stavanger HF


Håkon Brydøy

Health Stavanger HF

Stavanger University Hospital (SuS) is one of the country's six university hospitals.

SUS combines both being a user of welfare technology services and an active developer of such new services. This is organized in the program Helse Stavanger 2.0 with the projects eSeng 2015 and eStøtte. The regional "Center for Elderly Medicine and Interaction" (SESAM) has been established and will be an important professional resource. In its various projects, SUS will receive active support from Helse Vest IKT, which is positive to an arena application and which represents a large ICT professional environment.

SUS has 120 employees with doctoral degrees and 25 associated professors.

Norway is divided into four health regions. Each health region has a regional health authority that is responsible for ensuring that the population is offered specialized health services. Health Stavanger, Stavanger University Hospital is part of the specialist health service. They have four primary areas of responsibility: patient care, research, education of health professionals and training.