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Erik Johannesen
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4Mvideo ApS

4Mvideo is ’Active E-sport Cycling’ for seniors – motivating to do daily exercise for preventive health and rehabilitation purposes

4Mvideo is a fun, social and motivational video-based exercise system which can be set-up at home to allow older adults to go on a virtual bike tour by themselves or with friends and family. Users can choose from an array of readymade cycling videos set in urban and rural Denmark, Norway and Spain (and more to come) or videos can be filmed by loved ones for inclusion and motivation to exercise even if they can’t go outside. 4MVideo can be enjoyed without an internet connection and can be displayed on large monitors such as a TV at home or projector at the gym.

The system is set-up using an exercise bike, a wireless pedal sensor and a tablet computer. The sensor sends information about pedal activity to the 4Mvideo-app on the tablet playing a user selected cycling video. The video starts, stops and plays the video in accordance with the pedal activity. The system requires only little space and can be used with both small ‘under the desk’ bikes and standard exercise bikes


4Mvideo testet treningsløsningen sammen med eldre sprekinger

Dette danske selskapet vil motivere de eldre til å holde seg spreke i sitt eget hjem. Da passer det perfekt å teste ut dette sammen med ekspertene.

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– Tilbakemeldingene fra brukerne bekrefter vår strategiske kurs

4Mvideo har gjennomført en innovasjonspilot med Norwegian Smart Care Lab(NSCL) som testpartner. – Vi har alltid hatt tro på test som metode, og samarbeidet med NSCL har bekreftet dette, sa Erik Johannsen, direktør i 4Mvideo.

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