Rogaland Fylkeskommune

Hilde Uppstad

Rogaland County Municipality

Rogaland County Municipality contributes to the development of a county that is good to live, work and live in for everyone.

We provide many and good services in education, dental health, transport, culture, planning and business development, every day throughout the year. It is about developing the society we live in, to take care of the past, present and future.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is often divided into environmental, social and economic sustainability. All three dimensions are important for us to create a societal development that ensures both today's inhabitants and future generations good living conditions. We can no longer take our livelihoods for granted, neither financially nor environmentally. In addition, we as a society must enable individuals to have a good life.

Strong communities

Strong communities demand inclusion, trust and tolerance for different opinions. This includes the fight against social differences, in addition to identity and citizenship. A strong community and a clear identity can increase both the quality of life of the inhabitants and strengthen the attractiveness of Rogaland.

Creating work, providing access to education and safeguarding natural resources is equally important in all parts of Rogaland. But the whole of Rogaland also has an expanded significance. In order to develop a sustainable county, the whole community must contribute. The levels of government must be more cohesive, involve volunteering, and engage the citizens. In this way, we achieve sustainability and strong communities throughout Rogaland.