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mars 2022

LOST & FOUND – Building a Post-Pandemic Future

How should future healthcare services and facilities be equipped to be pandemic-resilient? We come together to share our experiences from the pandemic that help us define the future and form partnerships to build a better tomorrow.

It has been 2 years since COVID-19 started. The first case in Singapore was confirmed on 23 January 2020. Lives were lost – there is so much to mourn. Life has changed – we are all adjusting our lives to cope with this catastrophe. There are things that we have LOST: favourite pastimes, places and people. But new things have also been FOUND. New way of living. New technology. New partnerships.

Covid has helped us to review our care model and processes to be better than before. What is the new care model we must adopt to avoid overloading the healthcare system? What are the infrastructure improvements that we must budget for the future?

Health systems globally have undergone tremendous pressure and adaptation to continue providing quality healthcare for patients and the general population. In Singapore, the healthcare system has succeeded in this respect. The new COVID-era investments in pandemic resilience infrastructure, equipment and systems must be balanced with the need to keep healthcare affordable.

In this webinar, Innovation Norway and partners invites you to learn from the experts on how we overcome the challenges of COVID 19 and hear what are the Evolving Opportunities in the Post Pandemic Era.


Organized by Innovation Norway Singapore