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januar 2021

Is your next business opportunity in Scotland?

Scotland is facing many of the same challenges as Norway in terms of demographic changes and an aging population. Get an introduction to the Scottish health market and how to access a fast-growing market for new health solutions.

When: 13.01.2021 from 11.00 - 12.00

How: Webinar (link upon registration)

Along with increasing healthcare expenses and an urgent lack of care staff, Scotland calls for reforms and improvements of efficiency through digitalisation and smart care technologies. The Scottish healthcare system has not favoured digital healthcare to the same extent as in many of the Nordic countries. As a result, Scotland is an ‘emerging market’ when it comes to digital health and welfare solutions. Technology-based care is an important element to secure care, welfare and quality of live for seniors and disabled people.

Further to this, Scotland may prove to be the best route for your company into the wider UK market. It might also be a cost-efficient and convenient base for your company to expand globally with its welcoming business environment, long tradition of tech innovation and an excellent infrastructure of suppliers, industries and networks.

In this webinar, we aim to give you insight into:

  • understanding of healthcare structure in Scotland
  • current challenges as well as smart solutions in the market
  • current prioritisation in healthcare
  • decision-making and commissioning processes at hospitals and communities.


11:00 Welcome & objectives for the webinar
/ Therese Oppegaard, Project Manager, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, and David Smith, International Trade Advisor – Technology, Scottish Development International (SDI)

11:10 Introduction to the healthcare structure in Scotland
/ Nessa Barry, Knowledge Exchange Manager with the Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation at NHS National Services Scotland.

11:25 Digital health and Care institute and how they work with innovation, NHS and companies
/ Prof. George Crooks (OBE MBChB FRCP FRCGP), Chief Executive of the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre.

11:40 A business case study of Motitech: What can others learn from our journey into UK?
/ Stian Lavik, Chief Business Officer, and Solfrid Johanne Sagstad, Executive Markets Manager, Motitech

11:55 Wrap up and thank you for today
/ Therese Oppegaard, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

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