oktober 2016

Health Cloud - Enabler of Healthcare Transformation

By Dr. Hui Lei CTO, Watson Health Cloud, IBM

Tid: 10:30 - 12:00 

Sted: Universitetet i Stavanger: Kjølv Egelands hus. E wing, first floor - room 164 - http://www.uis.no/om-uis/finn-fram/campus-ullandhaug/?s=18489

Many industries have started using the cloud to generate new insights from data and transform their core businesses. In this talk, I will discuss the need and opportunity for the health cloud, which receives, curates, governs and analyzes an unprecedented volume of health-related data, including clinical records, insurance claims, lab data, genomics data, medical images, emerging exogenous data, and medical knowledge. I will present examples of how health big data can be combined and processed at cloud scale and speed to create industry-transforming insights and significantly improve health outcomes. I will also discuss the challenges in creating a purpose-built health cloud for enabling innovative health solutions, and describe an architecture and building blocks for the health cloud.


Dr. Hui Lei

Dr. Hui Lei, CTO, Watson Health Cloud, IBM
EIC, IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing
Fellow, IEEE


Dr. Hui Lei is CTO, Watson Health Cloud at IBM. He provides leadership on the Watson Health Cloud technical strategy, and spearheads the development of the Watson Health Cloud platform. Prior to his current role, Dr. Lei was Senior Manager, Cloud Platform Technologies at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, where he led IBM’s worldwide research strategies in cloud infrastructure services and cloud managed services. Dr. Lei's technical vision and creative contributions have influenced many commercial software products and services, which range across big data solutions, cloud service offerings, middleware platform for mobile and pervasive computing, and e-business tooling. An active and recognized member of the international technical community, Dr. Lei is a Fellow of the IEEE, Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, and Chair of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Business Informatics and Systems. He has taken part in many international conferences as a steering committee chair, general chair, technical program chair, or keynote speaker. He is a highly cited author and inventor, and has over 60 scholarly papers and over 70 patents to his credit. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University.