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How do you become future relevant, today?

A sector in disruption

Health care around the globe is embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime transformation — the move to “Health 2.0,” the consumer-centric, outcomes-driven, prevention-focused future of health care.

There are two catalysts for this shift. First, with aging populations and emerging market growth, chronic disease is becoming a global epidemic and driving health care cost inflation to unsustainable levels. To tame costs, payers and governments are realigning incentives around value and outcomes.

At the same time, health is finally entering the digital age — unlocking information, empowering patients, enabling real-time analytics and bringing much-needed focus on prevention. Yet, just as technology creates opportunities for health care organizations, it also presents threats as new entrants disrupt the competitive landscape.

These changes require patients, payers, providers, governments and life sciences companies — everyone within the health ecosystem — to think differently about health care as we know it. Collaborative approaches will be needed to create sustainable health care systems that deliver high quality care while being efficient and cost-effective.

How EY can help you

At EY, we’re playing our part. We work collaboratively with a wide range of organizations, from governmental departments of health and public sector service providers and payers, to health insurers and private sector providers.

Our Global Health practice works with organizations to manage costs and improve efficiency. We help deliver digital health solutions and use big data and analytics to improve health services management and, as a result, health outcomes. We collaborate to transform health care delivery, and we help develop new business models so that our clients can better compete in a rapidly changing world.

Our Health Reimagined initiative brings together our professionals from multiple sectors — health, life sciences, technology, telecommunications, consumer products and more — to develop cross-sector perspectives and solutions for Health 2.0.

Our diverse teams include former chief executives of departments of health, clinicians, provider executives, health strategy and policy advisers, and service and program managers. Across our network, we offer clients access to international panels of recognized experts in health, which facilitates innovation, decision-making and speed of execution.

We offer services to clients from across the health spectrum. From audit and assurance, to tax and regulatory compliance, to risk and internal audit, to IT advisory and cybersecurity, to strategy, we help organizations navigate an increasingly complex health landscape. In addition to these core services, we bring some of our best thinkers from across our service areas to help clients solve some of today’s most pressing issues.


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