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VilMer AS

VilMer and MinMemoria put person-centered care and joy of life in a system.

Together, we are a total supplier of experiences and activities for the elderly, and our digital platform is the tool the municipalities need to implement the quality reform Leve Hele Livet

Our goal is to ensure more good moments in the health and care services - based on the contributors 'time, desires and interests, and adapted to the service users' wishes and needs. With the digital memory book MinMemoria integrated in VilMer's platform, it will be even easier for employees in the care service to tailor person-centered activities that are suitable for their users and residents. This helps to create a health-promoting care culture.

Easy link between needs and resources

VilMer is a digital platform that simplifies the connection between needs and resources. We work closely with the voluntary sector, the municipality and the local community. VilMer creates more good experiences for residents and users in nursing homes and health centers, in housing associations and care homes, in day care and activity centers, and for elderly home residents. The solutions facilitate voluntary efforts that contribute to inclusive communities where as many people as possible at all ages can live active and meaningful lives, and which help to prevent loneliness and exclusion. VilMer's platform contributes to a sharp increase in good physical experiences in a range from reading sessions and walks to visits by cats and dogs to a football match outside the nursing home. But VilMer also offers a flora of digital experiences such as a virtual trip up Besseggen, old films from the history team or slow-motion films for people with dementia. We are also investing heavily in Virtual Reality - so that more residents can visit London and stroll around the zoo. VilMer contributes to several good experiences for those who need it most, both physically and digitally.

Digitizes the life story
By digitizing the life history of users and residents, employees in the care service can better facilitate the everyday lives of the people at their department. This is done by each user receiving a digital profile where relatives can fill in photos and information about the person's memories, interests and relationships. In this way, employees can become better acquainted with, and facilitate for the whole person, and not just the user's condition or diagnosis.

MinMemoria also simplifies contact with family and loved ones. Both relatives and employees can send greetings and photos from activities and good times with the user. This can be used to have good conversations with the user, and it makes it easier to keep in touch. This provides better interaction between service and relatives, and thus also increased service quality.

Live your whole life

VilMer offers a wide variety of activities and experiences, combined with knowledge of each user's background and interests. The solutions coincide well with national goals in the field of health and care and are an operationalization of the "National strategy for voluntary work in the field of health and care" and the quality reform "Live your whole life".


Vekker livshistorier til live

Hvem vet hvem du egentlig er når hukommelsen din eller kommunikasjonsevnene dine blir dårligere? Hvordan kan familien og ansatte i omsorgstjenesten bruke en innholdsrik livshistorie til aktivitet, verdighet og livskvalitet livet ut?

Min Memoria