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VilMer AS - Smart solutions for more good moments in elderly care

VilMer AS - Smart solutions for more good moments in elderly care is a leading platform for social welfare technology and person-centered care used by almost 100 municipalities in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Since 2017, we have contributed to creating more activity and many good moments for residents in nursing homes and users of day care, among others. It all started with the digital platform that connects needs and resources - VilMer Experiences - and has since expanded to several digital solutions for person-centered care. In recent years, the companies MinMemoria, Televindu, Visdoc, and Aktivitetsdosetten have become part of VilMer.

Briefly about the different solutions:

  • VilMer Opplevelser - more good moments for the elderly gives municipalities the opportunity to create elderly care with more warm hands, person-centered care in focus, and an inclusive local community with open care institutions and a greater variety of activities.
  • MinMemoria - a tool for person-centered care and communication. With the resident's life story easily accessible in MinMemoria, healthcare professionals get to know their users better and can build a secure relationship that contributes to joy and well-being.
  • Digital Opplevelser - a unique and tailored library of digital content adapted to older people with dementia and other forms of cognitive impairment.
  • VilMer VR - exciting tours in virtual environments for the elderly. VilMer VR can be used as a joint activity where several people see the same thing or individually by choosing movies that suit the individual. Suitable for reminiscence work.
  • Aktivitetsdosetten - an experience and research-based method that makes it easier for healthcare professionals to provide users and residents with a rich and active everyday life through person-tailored activities and tasks.

A common goal for all our solutions is to create more activity and good experiences. This makes the employees in elderly care have a good workplace and creates a good home for those living in nursing homes.

Together with our partner municipalities, we have created several hundred thousand good moments for the elderly through our solutions. The effects and benefits of using VilMer's solutions are also significant, such as saving healthcare professionals time, reducing medication use in individuals, and making it easier to demonstrate that the municipality is delivering on national reforms such as the quality reform "Live the Whole Life" and meeting the legally mandated requirements for person-centered care.


Vekker livshistorier til live

Hvem vet hvem du egentlig er når hukommelsen din eller kommunikasjonsevnene dine blir dårligere? Hvordan kan familien og ansatte i omsorgstjenesten bruke en innholdsrik livshistorie til aktivitet, verdighet og livskvalitet livet ut?

Min Memoria


Stronger together: – If you want to grow, you must dare to let go

Through the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster and the accelerator program EIRA, two companies realized that their concepts were meant to be together.

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