Per Ivar Selvaag


Our mission is to create more disease and infection resilient societies. We will bring data to the table and put humans in the driver's seat.

Our starting point: everyone's hand hygiene.

Our insights and analytics-driven offering will transform the way your organisation values good hygiene. In the process, we think your colleagues will be healthier and that you will save money.

Infections and pandemics like Covid-19 cause suffering and substantial loss of capital, both human and financial. Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are a serious global problem caused in part by inadequate hand hygiene in health care facilities. In Europe alone it is estimated that HAIs account for approx. €7 billion in direct costs and an additional 16 million extra days spent by patients in hospitals. But health care facilities are no longer the only places we need to be concerned about hand hygiene. Covid-19 has shown us that all spaces where groups of people gather (tour buses, convention centers, event spaces, cruise ships, etc.) are potential areas of concern.
What if data-driven technology could nudge us all into hygiene habits that were at once beneficial, pleasant enough, and well understood? What if achieving hand hygiene compliance required almost nothing at all from users?


De sloss mot usynlige trusler på hendene våre

Håndhygiene har fått forhøyet status med rette etter pandemien, likevel har vi fortsatt mye å gå på. Selskapet Resani kastet seg inn i kampen, med teknologi som virkemiddel. Fagskolen Rogaland testet løsningen sammen med Norwegian Smart Care Lab.

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