Listen to our two German experts from the German Health market

You can get insight about the German Health and welfare technology market by watching the video.

Are your products right for the German market? Is your company ready to enter the German market? Get the insights you need to make a first GO or NO-GO decision.

The meeting from 4. March in Innovasjonspark Stavanger have been recorded. Follow the link and you can watch, hear and learn from what our two German experts is sharing about how the German health market is organized and working.

You meet Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel Wichelhaus and Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Wittland and also Karen Lindegaard from the Danish health care organization, Welfare Tech. She is the leader of the international program.

Link to video here

VISITORS: Daniel Wichelhaus, Karen Lindegaard and Michael Wittland. (Photo: Hilde Garlid)

Qualify your self
Rising costs for health care and the growing number of senior citizens push the German community. 11.3% of Germany's GDP, equivalent to EUR 4.330 per citizen, is spend on health and social care. And that figure is only increasing ...

This seminar provide you with important information about the German market for health and care, including the structure of the German healthcare system, the regulatory processes and the reimbursement system. German experts in the health and care market will give you information that enabels you to qualify the prospects of taking your product(s) to the German market.

The German health and social care sector is rapidly transforming due to the demographic changes and a series of reforms that are being implemented these years. Get insights into the trends and potentials, and understand how the changes affects the opportunities for Nordic healthcare and care technologies.

  • How is the German healthcare sector organised?
  • What are the challenges in the German health and social care system? 
  • How open is the German care market for health technologies?
  • What kind of solutions have the greatest opportunities?
  • What are the trends in the German healthcare market?
  • What is the reimbursement model in Germany
  • What do you need to consider when entering the German market
GERMAN MARKET: The health and welfare technology market in German is huge, but it´s not organized the same way as the Nordic. Professor Daniel Wichelhaus is drawing the picture. (Photo: Hilde Garlid)

Five Nordic countries
Health- and caretech clusters from the five Nordic countries have joined forces with the German Cluster Gesundheitswirtshaft Hannover that has a membership basis consisting of hospitals, nursinghomes, homecare-providers, healthcare insurance companies, and AT suppliers.

Collaboration focus is on the acute lack of care professionals in the German healthcare system, where quality in care in the future will be delivered by digitalization and introduction of new technologies and thereby obtaining increased efficiency in workflows.

Digital Health & Care 4.0 Concept in 6 steps.
The market introduction event is the first of a 6 step model that will help you clarify if you are ready for the German Healthcare market – now, or later. On the journey through the 6 steps you will become part of a strong network that might take you the first steps. The steps consist of:

1. German Market introduction seminar
2. Webinars giving you in depth knowledge about the German market and German business culture.
3. Deep Dive in Hannover health & care markets.
4. MAST evaluation. Benchmark your products against the German market.
5. 1-to-1 market validation from German Experts: what should be your next move
6. Joint Nordic exhibition at Altenpfege 2020. –feedback from potential buyers

Back Ground
The Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges is a joint initiative by the Prime Ministers of the five Nordic countries to identify and promote Nordic sustainable solutions and strengths for global challenges

There was extensive mapping and analysis on Nordic strengths within health technology

 The strengths identified were sustainable hospitals, smart digital solutions, assisted living technologies & personalised care (Menon report)

 The initiative’s goal is to strengthen the Nordic message by bringing together companies from the five Nordic countries to: 

  • Demonstrate stronger combined knowledge and experience
  • Combine efforts to gain access to decision makers and market opportunities

·         Create a more complete solution and value proposition to German stakeholders  

Digital Health & Care 4.0 is financed under the Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges initiative.

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