Changing demographics and new demands from users creates a need for change in how we think, plan and deliver healthcare. In this new reality, it is all about the user experience and not who provides the service. How can new technology contribute to maintaining and developing the Nordic welfare model, and create a seamless healthcare system with sustainable services?

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster (NSCC) is a national and international collaboration hub for companies, healthcare providers, R&D institutions and financials players.

Our focus is transformation, innovation, research, commercialization and internationalization of products and services within digital health and welfare technology.

Our mission is to develop the Norwegian health industry, by promoting sustainable solutions that provide a better life for users as well as cost-effective and quality-assured deliveries of health and care services.

How we do it: We develop the market for digital health and welfare technology by strengthening the cluster companies, facilitate public – private collaboration and increase knowledge and understanding across sectors.

What we do: The cluster motivates and initiates cross-sectorial collaboration by enabling different players within the health industry to find each other and move in the same direction. We are a hub for innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration between companies, municipalities/public sector, academia/R&D institutions and investors. Our activities increase trust between members and paves the way for interaction and insight that benefits the health industry.

NSCC is part of the Norwegian Innovation Cluster program, and the cluster project is run by Validé AS. Our head office is in Stavanger, with branch offices in Bergen and Grimstad.

Information about membership in NSCC