Norwegian Smart Care Cluster (NSCC) is a cluster with more than 120 companies and 50 municipalities/government institutions as participants. The cluster has its origins in the Stavanger region, but our members are now from all over Norway and internationally.

We work with Smart Care - digital healthcare solutions for the interplay between user-patient in their home and municipality / hospital.

Vision: Generating impact through Smart Care solutions.

Mission: We work to develop the Norwegian health industry by promoting sustainable solutions that provide a better life for users as well as cost-effective and quality-assured deliveries of health & care services.

To achieve this we work with the following main areas: 

1) Provide increased competitiveness and value for members by developing a national test center concept - Norwegian Smart Care Lab. Speed the process from idea to implementation

2: The cluster will work towards research and development become an asset to our members.  

  • Develop and participate in a national & international projects
  • Financing of R&D projects in individual companies
  • Connecting researchers, teachers, students and companies
  • Develop networks that contribute with insight into future scenarios. Nationally and internationally
  • Commercialization from research

3: The cluster will help companies to reach international markets.

  • Develop market insight
  • Develop an internationalization program
  • Help with entry to international market

4: The cluster will contribute to the strengthening, growth and upscale of early phase companies. The cluster want to be a useful source to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, by creating good links between established businesses, academia, professional resources and entrepreneurs. We will offer relevant programs that scales early phase companies. We will contribute to attract capital from investors to the members of the cluster. 

5: Develop the cluster's network. Network, knowledge and collaboration are key to our success. We will continue with activities, projects that empazise this areas.

6: Develop regional innovation systems, both regional and national. Rogaland, Agder and Hordaland being the focus.

7): Knowledge lift for the health sector. We will work on:

  • Insight
  • Technology and skills transfer
  • Education

The cluster is part of the national cluster development program Norwegian Innovation Clusters (collaboration between Innovation Norway, SIVA and the Research Council) 

NSCC is powered by Validé


Norwegian Smart Care Cluster co/ Validé AS
Postboks 8034
4068 Stavanger.

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster
Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 7A
4021 Stavanger.

Daglig leder:
Arild Kristensen
Telefon: 905 32 591

Hilde Garlid
Telefon: 905 31 816

Olav Mellemstrand
Telefon: 906 32 906

Prosjektleder Norwegian Smart Care Lab:
Marit Hagland
Telefon: 452 61 799

Therese Oppegaard
Telefon: 951 51 892

Bjørn Grønning
Telefon: 913 27 928

NSCC Bergen (VIS), leder:
Katinka Tofte Amundsen
Telefon: 980 26 926

NSCC Agder, leder:
Tor Åge Fjukstad
Telefon: 91 36 08 50


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