Oulo Health


Minna Komu

Oulo Health

Innovative and proficient integrated health ecosystem.

OuluHealth is one of the five innovation ecosystems of Oulu Innovation Alliance. The OuluHealth ecosystem comprises several stakeholders from academia, the public sector, and the private sector. The principal idea is to facilitate open collaboration and to accelerate innovation by bringing together various partners able to contribute to the needs of the health care sector. The ecosystem approach enables the combination of expertise from wireless information technologies and life science to introduce smart ICT solutions for delivering advanced, personalized, connected health service solutions.

In physical terms, OuluHealth is located in Kontinkangas, a health campus close to the center of the Oulu city. The OuluHealth campus has developed around the Oulu University Hospital, opened in the 1970s, and is quite unique in the way that it compactly combines both public and private actors in the health care sector, ranging from Biocenter Oulu to a wide spectrum of small and medium-sized businesses.

How do the different organizations relate to each others? Oulu University Hospital in the chair of OuluHealth board. BusinessOulu is in charge of the ecosystem collaboration facilitation and supporting the companies in growth and commercialization. Centre for Health and Technology is responsible of coordinating the research and innovation acitivties. OuluHealth Labs offers a unique innovation platform which enables citizen and professionals involvement. OuluHealth belongs to the international network of the European Connected Health Alliance.