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september 2022

Eitri Medical Datathon 2022 (16.-19. september)

Health Data happening of the year!


The two last decades, several industries have used data to drive of transformation and quality improvement. We see the opportunity for the same revolution in health care. Norway, and Bergen, is positioned to take a leading role - given the long history of establishing and maintaining health registers. ​

To unleash the potential, large amounts of data originating from the clinics need to be made accessible, organized, analyzed and curated. Clinicians and Data scientists must work together to understand and explore the meaningful, secondary use of clinical data. ​

September 16-18 we organize a datathon in Eitri, Bergen, together with Leo Celi from MIT. Celi is best known for bringing together clinicians and data scientists to collect and analyze data routinely collected during the healthcare process. His team at MIT built and maintains the publicly available MIMIC database which provides healthcare data to thousands of users around the world.

Our vision for the datathon is for the development of a care system consisting of Clinical Informatics without walls, in which the creation of evidence and clinical decision support tools is initiated, updated, honed and enhanced by scaling the access and meaningful use of clinical Data. ​

The Datathon
The aim of the Eitri datathon is to utilize previously admitted patients' data data from the emergency room to answer important clinical research questions. An equally important aim is to bring together clinicians, data scientist, engineers, industry, and investors for interdisciplinary collaboration aiming to provide better healthcare in the Bergen Hospital, and to the world.

The MIT group is behind the MIMIC database which is global gold standard for organization and utilization of clinical data. The MIT group will participate in and help organizing the Datathon (workshops). They have helped with similar events across the world, and have built an active network with nodes in cities like Boston, London, Milan, Århus, and Sao Paulo. We now plan a datathon Bergen, where medical doctors, biomedical engineers, data scientists and statisticians along with key international researchers/speakers and key MIMIC experts from the MIT lab work with data from the emergency room at Haukeland Hospital.

There will be 80-120 participants for the actual datathon and key stakeholders from Haukeland Hospital, HVL, University of Bergen, Curie and Eureka student organizations, have agreed to participate. Clinicians, students, industry and professors are invited to participate, nationally and internationally.

Event profile
Eitri Datathon is the best place to connect to other professionals and expand your possiblities. There will be social gatherings, session tracks, workshops, exhibition opportunities, and and several common spaces so attendees from all backgrounds can meet and connect.


    • Developers and Data Scientists
    • Technical Leaders
    • Private Companies and health startups
    • Healthcare professionals from the Hospital
    • Gouvernment
    • Scientific Communities and Researchers


    • The event will cover
    • Critical Data Software development
    • AI
    • Use cases and applications
    • Registry data and open data

    What to expect

    On this event you will find talks covering:

    • Bridging clinics with data
    • Startups, industry and health data– Norway’s new oil?
    • Data collection, data sharing, data science, open data, big data, data exploitation platforms
    • Opportunities in health, sensors and IoT in the hospital
    • Standards and interoperability
    • Health ecosystems and community
    • National registries and private health data
    • Business products powered by health data

          Time and location

          16. september 2022, 00:00:00

          Haukelandsbakken 31, 5009 Bergen, Norway

          16 September

          19:00 Doors opening in Eitri. Welcome to Haukelandsbakken 31!

          19:15 Presentation of problems to be solved and dataset pitches!
          20:00 Pizza and forming your team

          17 September

          10:00 Access to data and data platform

          11:00 Work with your group and mentor. Food and snacks served during the day.

          18:00 Optional dinner - sign up opens September

          18 September

          10:00 Doors opening

          16:30 Final touch and presentation sent to organizing committee

          17:00 Cable car to Ulriken!

          18:00 Group presentations at Ulriken

          19 September
          09:00 Welcome remarks - Eivind Hansen, Director Bergen University Hospital

          09:15 Operationalizing AI in healthcare - Monica Wammen Nortvedt, Vice-Dean Western Norway University

          09:45 Break

          10:00 Key Note - Leo Antony Celi, MIT

          10:30 Panel discussion

          11:30 Lunch

          12:30 Data stakeholders talks - Helga Brogger, President Norwegian Society of Radiology Leonora Bergsjø, Director Norwegian Council for Digital Ethics Ola Jøsendal, Assistant director Helse Vest (Western Norway Hospitals)

          13:15 Break
          13:30 Extracting the value of health data - panel

          14:15 Break

          14:30 Pitches

          15:00 Closing remarks and announcing winners