Åpent møte


september 2021

Nordic Edge - Youth, young adults and covid related challenges

The pandemic threw us into a new reality, and it caused challenges of loneliness, unemployment, uncertainty – anxiety for the future. We are now seeing the contours of the end of Covid – what now?

The pandemic has had a duration that proportionally is a large part of the lives of young adults. In a phase of life that is normally characterized by exploration, identity building and detachment, life has been on pause. Arenas for exploration have ceased or been severely limited, and important transitions to adult life suffer. And the pandemic made access to the labor market especially difficult for young adults and graduates. All of this puts many young adults in a situation where they struggle with loneliness and other mental health issues.

What measures can we take to proactively prevent a generation of citizens struggling with exclusion from work life and long-term mental health issues after the pandemic? How do we meet the challenges already there? And how can we utilize health data and make use of artificial intelligence in this challenge?


12:00 Welcome and short introduction – moderator

12:05 The Nordic angle – Nordic Innovation

12:15 Setting the stage part I – what happened to us during covid? TBC

12:25 Setting the stage part II – what are the challenges youth and young adults are facing? What are challenges the healthcare system meet every day? - Morten Ørbek, Head of Department, children, and youth psychiatric Oslo University Hospital

12:40 Introducing the panel and introduction from each

  • Morten Ørbek (OUS, no further intro necessary)
  • Mads Bruun Høy (Æra)
  • Dr Jonas Jeppesen (Anita f/u)
  • TBC

12:50 Fireside chat

13:30 Wrap-up and next step - Identify call from Nordic Innovation and invite for collaboration on answering the call.


A collaboration between Norwegian Smart Care Cluster and Norway Health Tech: