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september 2019

Life Actually with Smart Care

Hvordan blir velferdsteknologi en nyttig og naturlig del av livene våre? Møt hun som sjefer over infrastrukturen, hun som skal motivere eldre og hvordan får vi fart på markedet? Møt selskaper som påvirker våre liv med sine løsninger.

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster er stolt av å være bidragsyter til Nordic Edge sitt omfattende faglige program.

Onsdag 25. september kl 0900-1030 holder vi seminaret: «Life Actually with Smart Care» i møterom Uburen. 2.etasje i konferansesenteret i Stavanger Forum.

Seminaret er gratis for deltakere på Nordic Edge.

Billettbestilling til Nordic Edge

Noen foredrag på engelsk, noen på norsk.

Her er programmet for parallellsesjonen

Program from Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, Nordic Edge, 25. Sept 2019 kl 0900-1030  

Theme: Life Actually with Smart Care.  

Welcome. The digital road to your home: Toril Nag, Lyse, Executive Vice President, Customer service and Telecommunication. Without infrastructure it´s not possible to implement welfare technology in the society and in our lives. Lyse is one of the companies with their foot at the accelerator. 

Keynotespeaker: Tone Bye, Project Manager at Pensjonistforbundet. 

– Smart Care is actually not about technology, it´s about humans. We know from our investigations that few municipalities are using Smart Care technology in their home care services today, but we experience that technological assistance can contributes positive to increased security, social participation, mobility and physical and cultural activity. We also know that elderly people are positive to use technology, but they are missing knowledge.

The influencer: Jan Torgersen, Leader of User Panel in WiseAge by SESAM. He have been working with technology all his life. Now he is an important link between they who develop new solutions for elderly, and the elderly themselves.  

Need for Speed: Marit B. Hagland, Project Manager in Norwegian Smart Care Lab.

Municipalities have grown tired of being pilots for technology that they are unsure will work and be necessary in their daily work. However; the need for new technology to deliver safe and useful home care solutions to an increasing number of elderly citizens, is urgent. To speed up the process from ideas and prototypes to market access, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster has developed and implemented test facilities in a Living Lab concept called Norwegian Smart Care Lab (NSCL). This year more than 10 companies use the NSCL to test their products. We will tell you how they use the lab to speed up the process.

That’s how we do it: Business-presentations from members in Norwegian Smart Care Cluster.

Innocom AS, Hege Eiklid has develop the robot, «Berntsen» a personal trainer to use in home care and institutions. Innocom have develop this robot together with Stavanger commune, and the users.

Motitech AS, Torbjørn Langeland: cycling life at nursing homes.