november 2018

Join a workshop on Innovation and Adoption in the Canadian Healthcare Market

With rising healthcare costs and a growing aging population, Canadian health providers are increasingly looking towards innovative solutions to meet these challenges.

Where: November 21th, 08.00-14.00 at Medical Growth House Social Zone

Norway Health Tech has the privilege of inviting you to a workshop on the Canadian healthcare ecosystem and its priorities presented by Jan Walker, Vice President, Strategy, Innovation and CIO from West Park Healthcare Centre.

This free half day workshop is part of a Nordic-Canada Health Solutions Initiative presented in several Nordic cities by Nordic Innovation. The workshop will give you the opportunity to get hands on information on the Canadian healthcare system, including a detailed look at the payer/payee pathway, reimbursement, innovation trends, and adoption pathways. Participating companies will also have an opportunity to do a 2-min pitch on your health solution to Dr. Walker and receive on-the-spot feedback about your market potential in Canada (note: space is limited).

Information will also be given on the Nordic-Canada initiative including timelines, objectives, criteria, and cost.

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Hope to see you!