Digital Health & Care 4.0

Nordic cluster-to-cluster collaboration supporting Nordic SME’s to bring health and care technology to the German market through market insight, networking and product presentation.

Digital Health & Care 4.0 supports small and medium sized enterprises (SME's) to bring Nordic health tech and digital care to the German market. The project enrols companies from all five Nordic countries through cluster-to-cluster collaboration, and provides a structured path guiding the companies from initial introduction to the German market, to in-depth market access knowledge, and market introduction at a major German healthtech exhibition.

The German cluster Gesundheitswirtshaft Hannover, that seeks to improve the efficiency in the German health and care sector through digitalisation and smart care technologies, provides insight to match Nordic solutions with German needs and challenges. This creates opportunities for the Nordic companies to seek out collaborations between Nordic companies, and between Nordic and German companies.

Demand meets supply

Germany has one of the fastest-growing populations in Europe, with still more people over 65. Along with increasing healthcare expenses and an urgent lack of care staff, Germany calls for reforms and improvements of efficiency through digitalisation and smart care technologies. The payment model in the German healthcare system has not favoured digital healthcare in the past. As a result, Germany is an ‘emerging market’ when it comes to digital health tech and thus a favourable opportunity for Nordic companies seeking to expand into international markets.

The Nordic countries have over the last decade invested heavily in developing new innovative products and technology-based care solutions. Including technologies such as e-health, health apps, artificial intelligence, intelligent logistics and automatisation. The Nordic healthcare systems and welfare models are quite similar, and technology-based care is an important element to secure care, welfare and quality of live for seniors and disabled people.

Digital Health & Care 4.0 strengthen the value chain collaboration between the Nordic companies. By joining the ecosystems of the five Nordic clusters the project creates a larger critical mass and increases the changes for successful access to the German market. The Nordic companies get access to a structured dialogue with German health-IT integrators, and the participants will gain insights of the challenges in the German care sector. This will create new ideas to collaboration and allow co-creation of new services, solutions and price models for the German market.

The Digital Health & Care 4.0 project is co-funded by Nordic Innovation through the Nordic Welfare Solutions project to showcase and demonstre Nordic welfare solutions to the global market.

Nordic Welfare Solutions is one of six flagship projects under the Nordic prime ministers’ initiative, Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges. The prime minister’s initiative is coordinated by the Nordic Council of Ministers and promotes sustainability and progress toward the UN Sustainability Goals.