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PROSJEKT: USA neste! Veikart til internasjonalisering for helsebedrifter

FINANSIERING: Viken Fylkeskommune

HVEM: Norway Health Tech, Oslo Cancer Cluster, The Life Science Cluster og Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

HVA: Aktivitetene i prosjektet deles overordnet inn i fire områder:

  • Kartlegging/mobilisering
  • Opplæringsprogram
  • Internasjonalisering
  • Eksponering

USA next! Roadmap to internationalization for healthtech companies

The USA is the largest and most interesting market for health, with great opportunities for Norwegian start-ups and SMEs. Four national health clusters are now joining forces to create a roadmap for internationalization, with first stop USA.

The health industry has great potential for transition to a more sustainable health and care service. In order to create a sustainable competitive health industry, companies must think globally from day one. To achieve this we need to join forces and collaborate across different networks and organization.

The health sector is characterized by complex interfaces between those who provide the health service and providers of health solutions. There are large variations in how the health service is delivered across borders. In-depth knowledge and understanding of the health system in the country / region you want to enter is therefore crucial for success. This can be especially challenging for companies in a start-up / growth phase that have limited funds and expertise.

That is why Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, Norway Health Tech, Oslo Cancer Cluster and The Life Science Cluster are joining forces on a new project to help companies with international efforts. Experience indicates that closer cooperation across the clusters in the ecosystem will further strengthen Norwegian companies in the health industry with international scaling. A joint effort around internationalization will benefit Norwegian companies, and promote a diversity of entrepreneurs and scale-ups who gain expertise they otherwise would not normally have access to.

The United States is an important international market both because it has great potential, and if you succeed there, there is a high probability of success in other markets. The USA is in the top 3 list of priority markets for internationalization and exports across the clusters, and the USA has several concentrated hubs of players who offer expertise, partners and financing for Norwegian SMEs.

This project facilitates the utilization of each other's interfaces, expertise, membership and already established networks in different parts of the USA. Together we will work to establish new platforms and collaborations across the networks, reach out to many companies that can innovate, test and develop products, develop business strategies, work with sales, etc. for scaling in the USA.

The activities in the project are generally divided into four areas; mapping / mobilization, training and insights, market development and Exposure. More specific activities will be worked out as part of the project. The target group of Norwegian companies includes a wide range of innovative health-related products, technologies, services and solutions, including:

  • Diagnostics
  • Drugs / treatment, also solutions in preclinical and clinical development
  • Vaccination technology
  • Digital / eHealth solutions
  • Welfare technology - care technology (care)
  • Medical devices and hospital equipment

The project starts January 2022 and has a duration of 2 years. The project is a collaboration between Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, Norway Health Tech, Oslo Cancer Cluster and The Life Science Cluster.

The USA Next program is funded by Viken and delivered in close collaboration with Innovation Norway


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