EIRAccelerator - digital accelerator for the health industry

We help scaling the future of healthcare

We believe that an accelerator program specifically tailored to companies in the healthcare industry can help increase the company's competitiveness, make them more attractive to private capital and help them get ready them for national and international growth. That is why we, together with Validé and Aleap and Norway Health Tech, are developing EIRA.

What is EIRA?

  • A geographically independent and customized accelerator program for companies in the health industry.


  • Our goal is to contribute to more strong health tech companies contributing to value creation and Norwegian jobs and exports. And we know SMEs in the health sector need knowledge, networks and tools that contribute to scale both nationally and internationally.

Who is EIRA for?

  • Startups and early-stage growth companies within digital health, welfare technology and medtech

How does EIRA work?

  • Close to market, tailormade activities that create real value for companies with growth potential

The first pilot-program is set up to start mid-October, with a cohort of 6 Norwegian early growth companies and supported by Innovation Norway.

We are currently recruiting both industry and financial partners for the program. Please feel free to contact us if you want to join our journey


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