Digitalize or Die

Exploring Dynamic Drivers of Responsible Research and Innovation in Health and Welfare services

The project addresses the question of How can ICT innovations be used in the development of health and welfare services in a responsible way?

The main objective was to examine which role responsible research and innovation can play in determining which innovations are developed, in the development of innovation, and in the implementation and commercialization of new innovations. These issues are examined in the context of innovations in ICT in health and welfare services, in particular telemedicine and welfare technology.

Secondary objectives were to explore the role of users, caregivers, patients and relatives in the innovation processes in health and welfare services, and to examine how social perceptions of what constitutes responsible research and innovation vary across different regions, communities and social groups

The Project includes 6 participating countries: Australia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, UK and the USA. Norwegian Smart care Cluster was one of the empirical partners in the project.

Project period was 3 years, from mars 2016 to mars 2019.