Healthsum Holding AS

Fredrik Lindberg

Healthsum Holding AS

Healthsum is a Next-Gen journal system, built on ledger technology (DLT: distributed ledger technology), with build in banking- and insurance services. The system is Hyper-Scaleable, Patient-Centric and GDPR-certified.

Healthsum is a journal system developed with future demands in mind, such as flexibility, data storage, privacy, individualization, and increased requirements for enabling integrations. Therefore, Healthsum is built on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which satisfies these requirements while making Healthsum highly scalable, secure, and cost-effective. Currently, there is no other healthcare system in the world that utilizes this technology.

For patients, Healthsum enables the sharing of health data anytime and anywhere, while the patient themselves determines what is shared.

Currently, this is the only journal system that meets all GDPR guidelines. It will also make it easier for patients regarding settlements, as both insurance and banking services are provided by Healthsum.

For public and private entities, Healthsum can offer significantly more favorable agreements while also opening up a new universe of integrations built on open APIs. In existing solutions, there are often up to 15 different systems/security barriers to overcome in order to integrate third-party solutions, which has made it extremely challenging. However, with us, we elevate other systems to our unhackable security level.

Over time, other existing journal systems will be programmed in the same way, but today we have a head start that we will leverage. Join us on this journey.