Safe4 Security Group AS

Geir Mørk

Safe4 Security Group AS

We design, develop and manufacture for retail and systems integrators in a B2B2C recurring revenue model. Professional lock and access management solutions with our own Alarm Receiving Centre. We focus on Home Care.

We put the individual citizen in focus. Proudly introducing our new CARE platform taking deep security expertise into professional digital homecare. Enabling people to stay safe in their private homes even in a vulnerable situation, bringing caretakers and family closer, even if not there.

What we do: We provide secure and scalable Home IoT Solutions as White Label and Go-to-Market Ready.

Who we target: Our solutions are ideal for retailers, distributors and service-providers who target the individual home such as; Homecare, Security, Telecom, Cable, Utility, Real-Estate, Rental and Insurance.

What we offer: A full ecosystem of IoT in a Recurring Revenue Model – at cost. Learn to know our industrialized product line for IoT and Security in Private Households, Real-Estate, and SMB.

Our focus: With security in our DNA we aim to make end-users, family and friends feel safe.

Safe4 Security Group is an international smart technology corporation, building on its expertise from the security industry. We facilitate the creation of a recurring-revenue businesses in compliance with the IoT industry. Founded in 2013. We develop and own all our technology and concepts, to have full control of any innovation. Our product line complies with the strictest EN, FG and Security Approvals.

We offer solutions that combine traditional and innovative new services for “white label” customers introducing our advanced IoT gateway (HomeGate AiO) supporting multiple open wireless protocols.

Supporting devices and sensors from corporations like Develco, Yale, IKEA, Elko, EasyAccess, FireAngel, Climax Technologies, Schneider. We support and manage most lock software.

Services for customers within Smart-Living, Smart-Home and security, as well as ecosystems and solutions for In-Home Delivery, as well as our own EN certified ARC – Alarm Receiving Center.

Our IoT platform enables use of data from multiple sources and integrations for services, applications, AI and Big Data analytics while protecting the integrity of the end-users.

We are proud to run the Norwegian Research Council project

Focusing on safe In-Home delivery of goods and services behind digital locks. Like helping caretakers and medical supply into the private home. We open any number of gates and doors as well as sensorics monitoring.

Safe4 markets its products under the Onesti and Iotiliti brands, as well as a vast number of private international product profiles.