Sensio AS

Selskap: Velferdsteknologiselskap

Oppstart: Startet som et gründerselskap i 2009

I dag: Over 150 ansatte med hovedkontor i Oslo, med filialer i Sandvika, Sandefjord, Stockholm (SE), Malmö (SE), Veijen (DK) og Leeds (UK).

Kunder: Flere hundre i Norden, England og Frankrike

Adm dir: Torbjørn Aamodt

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Torbjørn Aamodt Aamodt


Sensio - more time for care. Market-leading supplier of welfare technology and eHealth systems.


Sensio is the market leader in the Nordic region in welfare technology, addressing today's and tomorrow's care challenges for the benefit of residents, patients, healthcare professionals, and society. We deliver sensors, systems, and platforms that significantly improve the quality and efficiency of elderly care, including fall prevention, digital supervision, alert solutions, and mobile safety alarms.

Among our brands are:

RoomMate, Sensio 365, Unity, Safemate, IKOS, Viser, Smartvakt, Flexiblink, and Vox.

Sensio was founded in 2009 with a focus on making smart home technology accessible to everyone. Since then, we have shifted our focus and specialized in providing solutions in the welfare and healthcare sector. Today, Sensio has hundreds of customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, England, and France. In total, we serve more than 50% of all elderly care providers in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, and we have experienced over 50% annual growth in the last 5 years. In 2023, we also established ourselves in England and France.

At Sensio, we develop our own software and critical hardware components. We serve our customers with high-quality products through integration partners and directly to end-users. We involve all our customers actively in development through a dedicated user forum.

We believe that all municipalities benefit from a holistic approach to welfare technology in the community, spanning across institutions and homes. Sensio's solutions are designed by and for Norwegian municipalities and are aligned with national recommendations and frameworks. We will continue to listen to our customers' needs and involve them in influencing the development of our solutions. We believe that user-driven development, coupled with service innovation, delivers the best solutions. All our solutions are developed in close collaboration with actual users, aiming to meet identified needs that enhance the quality of life for users and provide more efficient services for service providers.

Sensio provides a common platform for welfare technology, Sensio 365, which ensures comprehensive solutions and efficient information flow across municipal services and systems in institutions and homes. This enables the reuse and integration of equipment, concepts, and expertise.

RoomMate is a groundbreaking safety sensor that reduces and detects falls using advanced algorithms. IKOS digital boards facilitate patient safety and good healthcare processes. Safemate mobile safety alarms empower people to maintain their independence for as long as possible. We have data showing that our solutions for the home market save municipalities significant sums, while residents gain the freedom they have in their own homes, and relatives are relieved of worries. We have evidence that our solutions for healthcare institutions result in lower sick leave among staff and reduced use of medication among residents.

At the same time, we acknowledge that technology is only part of the complete solution. Our experience tells us that, even though technology is crucial for addressing the significant challenges that municipalities face in the healthcare field, technology is only a small part of the bigger picture. The most extensive part of the solutions involves organization, building expertise, and transitioning to a digital-first mindset. Service and role design are essential factors for harnessing the potential created by technology. Together with our partners, we are happy to assist with both anchoring, building expertise, and project management in the areas of implementation, service and role design, and transitioning to a digital-first work approach.

About Sensio AS

Our approximately 150 employees are passionately committed to creating and implementing sustainable products and services that simplify the daily lives of healthcare professionals, allowing #MoreTimeForCare for residents and patients. Longship AS, a Norwegian Private Equity Fund, has been the main owner since 2018. Our employees also own about 30% of Sensio and have a strong desire to continue driving changes in nursing and elderly care in the years to come. In 2022, the Sensio group had a turnover of 360 MNOK.


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– Vi ønsker å få med oss så mange som mulig av de som lager velfderdsteknologi i Norge med på vår åpne plattform, sier Johan Anstensrud fra Sensio.

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