The Pensioners' Association

The Pensioners' Association is the country's largest interest organization for the elderly with over 250,000 members, with a national secretariat, county associations and over 750 local associations throughout Norway.

For almost five years, the Pensioners' Association has received project funding from the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the National Welfare Technology Program to promote user-oriented development in the field of welfare technology. The pensioners' association has held over a thousand courses and lectures in municipalities and associations around the country. Our focus is to promote the importance of welfare technology for a safe and active old age. We aim to remove prejudice and increase the knowledge of both older and municipal employees. We want to make visible how and why welfare technology should be a natural part of the health and care services of the future. The pensioners' association has also taken direct responsibility for user training by training over 200 voluntary welfare technology ambassadors who are actively involved in disseminating knowledge further.