Melanor is the industry organization for competence companies that develop and supply medical equipment, laboratory equipment, measuring equipment and aids in the Norwegian market.

Melanor represents about 150 member companies and 3,000 employees across the country.

Together with our members, we contribute to solving important national tasks, and we work to ensure that the industry has good framework conditions. In this way, we contribute to users, patients and professional environments gaining access to the best solutions, to the further development of Norway's health and welfare schemes and to research at hospitals, universities, colleges and in industry.

Melanor is concerned with making the members' value creation visible in Norwegian society. Equipment developed by our members is essential for prevention, diagnosis and good patient care. With equipment and solutions provided by our members, many of us get the opportunity to live longer, manage ourselves, have active lives and contribute to the community. Laboratory equipment also means that we can be sure of the food we eat and that the water we drink is clean.

Melanor will have a clear voice in the public debate and be a meeting place for knowledge sharing, exchange of experience and networking. Our members, partners, customers, authorities, politicians and other actors will experience Melanor as a unifying, competent and accessible industry organization.

Melanor works actively to ensure that the industry complies with current ethical standards, the authorities' requirements for quality and safety, and makes proposals where we see room for improvement. Our members spend significant resources on research and development. Good quality and safety are central, and the member companies work systematically to ensure the quality of the equipment they develop and deliver. Medical equipment and laboratory equipment must be safe, of good quality and function properly.