Connect Vest


Connect Vest

Our vision is to be a community builder. Connect Vest will contribute to jobs and development of tomorrow's business life in Western Norway within a sustainable framework.

We have worked with innovation, entrepreneurs and growth companies since 2001. Our catchment area is Rogaland and Vestland counties, where we have 200 member companies and 85 early-stage investors. We are a non-profit organization and finance our work through public funds, partner agreements and membership fees. Connect Vest does not take ownership interests in the entrepreneurial companies we help.

The concept behind our work was developed by an entrepreneur in San Diego in the USA in 1986. He realized that his own success as an entrepreneur was based on luck, he had neither the network nor enough expertise. That was the start of Connect. We will contribute to the success of promising, innovative ideas by connecting the most important ingredients for success: People, knowledge and capital.

Connect is found all over the world today. We at Connect Vest still work on the basic idea of ​​contributing to rapid commercialization of scalable, innovative products and services, but in recent years we have further developed the organization. Today, we are a powerful player in the innovation environment in Western Norway with several services for both entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies in growth and restructuring. Our overall goal is always to facilitate tomorrow's business and to create jobs.