Trigo Tech AS

Frode Skjelvan

Trigo Tech AS

Patients self management of musculoskeletal pain made simple.

We at Trigo want to help people function well and get better with themselves. We can be a guide and support for making the changes and development that are necessary for you to succeed. We think the first step is to find and guidelines, how you want it in life. Then the job has to be done to create change, which in most cases is incredibly demanding. Through awareness and training, we can help you along the way.

With us you can train both physically and mentally. How the training is set up is up to you, your direction and your point of view. Common to many is that one feels that time is not enough and that training is downgraded. For some it is best to exercise alone, others thrive best with others. Some need treatment to get rid of some pain, others have more pain in the will. Our task will be to adapt the help to just you. We aim to give you as much as possible in return for the efforts you put in.