NEO Consulting AS

Dagfinn Hallseth

NEO Consulting AS

NEO Consulting AS is a consulting company that specializes in the health sector and that provides strategic consulting services to private and public actors.

The solutions to the health sector's challenges can be found by combining

Network Excellence Ownership

Therefore, NEO Consulting AS was founded. The company will build a bridge through strategic advice and long-term cooperation

  • between different actors in the health sector, and
  • between today's challenges and future solutions

The company works with public as well as private actors in the health sector, at government as well as at company level, both with the primary and specialist health services. The ambition is to develop a unique, focused and highly competent network of consultants, with a focus on the health sector.

We work with large and complex organizations, as well as small, exciting start-ups. The common denominator is actors who have ambitions to make a difference and who have the potential to change the health sector. Then it coincides with NEO Consulting's vision.