Inger Holen


We contribute to innovation and product / service development for private and public enterprises in the health and social sector, with special focus on e-health.

I4Helse will, in collaboration with partners, develop and verify services and products / technology, business and operational concepts, as well as undertake testing and certification.

The company can start projects under its own auspices with the aim of connecting with partners and / or contributing to the spread of developed products and services to other sectors of society.

I4Helse AS is established in Grimstad in its own building in connection with the University of Agder; Grimstad Campus. I4Helse focuses on all the elements in an innovation process and which includes idea, involvement, and implementation. Through a broad collaboration that represents all four key players in the quadruple helix perspective. User involvement will be an important element in the entire innovation process, and crucial for developing the best products and solutions.

Our vision is therefore: With the user at the center, we will help to trigger innovation and facilitate the implementation of new sustainable solutions.

Private and public, academia and civil society.