Picomed as

Etablert 1991

Produkt/tilbud: Omgivelseskontroll, varsling, spisehjelpemidler, armstøtter, varsling, omsorgshjelpemidler demens.

Nettsted: www.picomed.no


Jan Tore Stenersen

Picomed as

Environment Control Systems (ECS) is our main area. In practice, it means that we supply door openers, window openers, door phones, motorized curtain covers, phones, light switches, etc.

In most cases, the technical aids are supplied with remote control. Picomed specializes in adapting operating solutions based on the user's situation and capabilities. Many use ordinary remote controls with different number of keys, but you can also control all functions using only 1 switch. Some use the foot, while others operate the system with, for example, a head switch. Eye control, voice control are also possible operating options. Using your smartphone is also an option.

Picomed also represents other providers of ECS-solutions, eating devices, arm supports, alarms epileptic seizures, care aids for people with dementia, as well as wheelchairs for children and young/small adults.

Picomed carries out installation and service across the whole country.

Picomed Teknikk Lyseksperten as is an authorized electrician and is installing our aids in Eastern Norway, as well as undertaking ordinary electrical installations.

Picomed Mobility as distributes wheelchairs for children and young/small adults.

Our subsidiary Picomed ab with address in Stockholm distributes our and other manufacturers' aids to the Swedish market.