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AsthmaTuner is a CE-marked digital tool for home monitoring of lung diseases

AsthmaTuner is used for home monitoring of asthma and other lung diseases.

AsthmaTuner consists of a lung function meter (a portable spirometer) and an app for the patient/citizen, and a webinterface for healthcare professionals. AsthmaTuner is nationally subsidized in Sweden and is currently being widely introduced in the primary care in several regions.

The digital tool has several different functions that enable a digital flow for managing lung diseases:

  1. Home spirometry:

The user can measure a complete spirometry from home, with or without a reversibility test. This tool is used, among other things, for diagnosis and follow-up visits for asthma and for home monitoring of other lung diseases such as CF and lung transplant patients.

  1. Treatment plan and self-monitoring:

The user receives a treatment plan and support in their selfmonitoring of asthma. A stepwise treatment plan is generated based on the user’s lung function and symptoms.

The treatment plan is created by the responsible healthcare provider, and then sent to the user's phone. Asthma is a variable disease and with AsthmaTuner, the patient gets support in stepping up and down medication as needed, and at the same time the healthcare provider gets objective lung function- and symptom data to assess how the patient is actually doing in everyday life and optimize treatment based on the patient-generated data.

  1. Digital evaluation:

The patient measures their lung function (PEF/FEV1) twice a day to calculate diurnal variability, which can facilitate an assessment.

Clinical studies have shown that AsthmaTuner helps patients have fewer symptoms and better asthma control. AsthmaTuner can be used by adults and children from the age of 6 years.