Ingerine Dahl


How to make people WANT to move?

MUZZIBALL has been developed for it to be intuitively fun to move. It consists of motion sensors, LED lights, a Rasberry-pie brain and speaker inside a 3d-printed shell.

It will be app-controlled and can be programmed so that, for example, you can live-mix your own song by just the way you move/it, but also have fixed programs that trigger movement or calm down.

Volume, colours, sounds etc, everything is controlled by movement! One can add "surprises" and virtually endless different musical or verbal expressions. One can have just as much fun all alone or together in a group and the variety of options for how it is "played" is basically only limited by your imagination.

EXCITING: The AI -​part of MUZZIBALL is under development; How can MUZZIBALL, by learning your habits, make suggestions that make you change your habits?