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Diffia AS

Diffia simplifies and improves the everyday lives of clinicians and patients. They are the makers of Nimble - a versatile solution facilitating better work flow in the clinic and new forms of effective remote care

With its solution Nimble, Diffia is working to modernise the healthcare system. Since 2016, the company has developed Nimble in close collaboration with doctors, nurses and patients in the specialist healthcare service. The result is user-friendly applications that support clinicians in everyday life and enable new and innovative patient journeys. In the Nimble Clinic mobile app, healthcare personnel can, among other things, carry out examinations, communicate and document on the go. Via the Nimble People app, patients can be followed up regardless of where they are through answering forms, taking measurements or communicating with healthcare personnel. Nimble has unique integrations with core hospital systems such as DIPS (EPJ) and MetaVision (curve). This means all information flows automatically and seamlessly to where it needs to go, and healthcare personnel avoid time wasters such as double documentation and manual user administration. Diffia works continuously to improve Nimble, and is currently developing support for interaction between specialist and primary care services, as well as a solution for blood sampling and analysis that is carried out by the patient at home.