Hjelpemiddelpartner AS


Thomas Falch Eide

Hjelpemiddelpartner AS

We offer solutions that enable more people to live active and independent lives, so that everyday life is better for both users, relatives and professionals.

Assistive Technology Partner is a Norwegian entrepreneurial company and supplier of welfare technology and innovative assistive technology.

We have ambitions to be the most innovative supplier of health technology in Norway and our intention is to deliver innovative solutions that do not exist in today's health market, so that even more people can be active and independent. That is why we enter into long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs and other developers of health technology. Assistive Technology Partner offers its expertise to ensure that the products are functional for end users, and that they are easily accessible to as many people as possible. Today, Hjelpemiddelpartner receives support from Innovation Norway to offer our new solutions, as well as be able to involve us in unique projects together with several health entrepreneurs.